Colored Scarves


  • Developing the sense of sight of your little one.


  • Pieces of brightly colored cloth, it can be a scarf.
  • Soft surface


When colorful materials are moved near a baby, the child’s sense of sight is stimulated. The baby tracks the scarves with their eyes. 

Colorful scarves are a wonderful way to play; you can always use sheer fabrics or any light material you have.

For this activity you will need: 

1)  A quiet place

2) A soft surface to lay down your baby or your baby’s chair

3) Bright colourful scarves or any light material you have.

  • First lay down your baby on a surface of your choice, or sitting in a comfortable position always facing you. Then grab a scarf and start moving it slowly in any directions or patterns you prefer, soon your child will track the colorful material’s movement. While doing this, talk to your little one about the colors of the scarf.
  • Keep moving the scarf up, down, side to side, and in any pattern you can think of. Make your movement slow so your child has time to track the movement.  Try to do this activity as often as possible.
  • Keep in mind that your baby will get tired and over-stimulated very quickly and this is perfectly normal. Frequent short play times are what’s best for babies

Although babies have limited eyesight at birth, it begins developing rapidly and you can help your baby’s eyesight by stimulating them with age-appropriate activities.

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