Giant and Ant Steps


  • Develop control of large muscles to move around and maintain balance.
  • Move the body to achieve a goal.


  • Adhesive tape


Children at this age don’t have experience taking steps that are different from their natural gait so this activity gives your little one the opportunity to have fun while learning to take giant and tiny steps. Practicing walking differently will help your little one develop coordination and balance.

Look for an open space where your little one can move comfortably. When you find the right place, stick the tape to the floor in parallel lines with a gap of approximately 8 inches between them to form a path resembling a ladder.

Next repeat this game by placing the tape on the floor but with the strips much closer to each other, resembling small steps. Then invite your little one to move from one line to the other by taking giant steps as well as small ant steps. This activity requires practice and perseverance and you can do it as many times as you like until your little one masters the giant and tiny steps.

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