I Run, Jump, and Spin


  • Perform various motor actions in a race circuit.


  • Colored chalk


Help your little one develop various motor skills such as running, jumping and spinning, while learning to keep balance and following directions to meet a goal.

This is a creative way to have fun and move a lot, and the best thing is that you just need chalk. I’m sure your little one will love the challenge.

To begin with, they need to go to an area where they can draw with the chalk. 

Now tell your little one that they’re going to run through an obstacle course that they’re going to draw on the ground. Tell your little one that you’re going to draw a few lines and that each one indicates a different move. Here are some examples:

  • A straight line: you must run.
  • A zig-zag: jump on one foot (this may be a little difficult, you can help).
  • A Spiral: turn around.
  • Triangles: jump with two feet.
  • If you have boxes or obstacles at home for your little one to jump on or over, you can also use those.
  • Now draw the lines and allow your little one to help you draw some too, even if they are not perfect. When you finish drawing the entire course, it’s time for the race!
  • Show your little one what to do in every space. Yep, you have to do it first! On the count of 3… 1,2,3….. Run!


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