Let's Crawl


  • That your little one can try to crawl on a flat surface.


  • Toy (it’s better if your child’s favorite!)
  • Pillow


To start this activity it is necessary that you first prepare the environment. Make sure there are no obstacles in the crawling area. 

  • Place your child on the floor. I recommend a carpeted area to protect the baby. 
  • Sit next to them and turn them upside down, you can use a pillow to place it under their belly.
  • Now place a toy in front of your little one at a distance that is not too far away. Remember that we want to motivate them and we must avoid getting them frustrated. Remove the pillow and with your hands help gently pushing them along by the back of their feet. Go to them pointing at the toy: Very good, now reach for your toy.

At this stage there are various types of crawling.  What we are looking for with this activity is to get your little one to develop strength in the muscles of his body and coordinated movements. If you notice that your little one is not crawling, I recommend that you show her how it is done and through imitation she will try it herself. Enjoy this activity with your little one.

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