Rescuing Animals


  • To stimulate your baby’s fine motor skills and increase strength of hand and arm movements.


  • Slim yarn (preferably a soft material)
  • Laundry basket (plastic preference)
  • Small plastic or stuffed animals


During this activity, your baby will learn to control hand and arm strength, as well as eye/hand coordination.

  • The first thing you should do is place the yarn on the laundry basket creating a type of maze. 
  • Then place your baby’s toys on the bottom of the basket underneath the yarn maze. (Better if these are favorite toys, as it will motivate your baby to carry out the activity.) 
  • Once everything is ready, sit your baby in a comfortable place and show them how to take the toys out of the maze. 
  • Remember to continually praise your baby during this activity. If your baby becomes frustrated, you can make an easier yarn maze so the goal of reaching the toys and removing them can be achieved.

With this activity you will be helping your baby develop their eye-hand coordination.

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