The Texture Mat


  • Push the legs down when the feet are on a hard surface.


  • Piece of paper or cardboard
  • Pieces of fabric with different textures


With this activity you will be helping your little one strengthen their leg muscles by pushing them down when your little one’s feet touch a hard surface, introducing them to the position to start walking.

Before starting the activity you must make sure to prepare the place where you will play with your little one–remember that it should be a place free of anything dangerous.

  • To perform this activity you must glue the different textures of fabric to the cardboard or to the sheet of paper. 
  • Then you will take your little one under their arms and carry them, letting their feet touch the different textures. Give some time for their feet to feel each of the textures on the mat and react to them.
  • Then carry your little one or have them sit down to rest and repeat the activity again.
  • If you do not have pieces of fabric, you can use materials that you have at home, for example: crushed eggshells, wool, cotton, etc.


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