Tracking Sleep

Yes, there are generic sleep schedules and recommended, ideal sleeping hours for babies and children.  However, each child has individual needs and requirements.

Keeping a sleep log to record your child’s habits can help you better understand his individual patterns. And take note of his actual sleep quality—he was in bed for 11 hours, but how much that time was spent awake?   Some parents prefer to keep a manual log of naps and feedings, and others use apps on their smartphones to click on and off whenever the baby sleeps.

The latter can be quite useful when reviewing total numbers of sleep and accessing instant statistic summaries. 

Tracking sleep is especially key to understanding your early riser.  If you want to understand why your baby is waking up and ready to start the day super early, you can look back at your log for clues.  You see that every day your babe has risen early, he was put to bed late and very overtired the night before.  Now you have a better understanding of how to help babe get all his needed sleep—put him to bed on time and before he’s too tired.   Whatever your baby’s habits are, keeping a log will help you understand how various activities throughout the day affect his sleep.

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