Your Baby is Speaking to You - Communicating with your baby

Congratulations! If you are interested in this talk, you might be expecting or have just had a baby!

This is such an exciting time for you and your family, yet it can also be puzzling and tiring. Please know that your baby is your partner to help you figure out what he or she needs, wants, and loves. This talk is for you as new parents and other adults who help take care of your baby. We will look together at newborn babies and explore how they show us with their actions and reactions how they are communicating to you. Babies come into the world with competencies that we can understand. This talk will explore how you can learn from your baby, along with your own instincts as parents, to respond and communicate with them. You will have the chance to be with other parents during this talk who are also wondering the same things about their babies, and together we will all discover some of the wondrous ways that babies have to express themselves!

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